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TUMO Labs as an Antidote to the Pandemic

During the early days of the pandemic, we were all trying to adapt to working from home and getting used to the new normal. But the most adaptive ones were able to take advantage of the positive aspects of quarantine.

Your plants are in safe hands — the farmers of the future have created an automatic soil irrigation system!

During the pilot project, students in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering created an IoT device, programmed it in Arduino using the C and C ++ languages, and then developed a web application to remotely control soil moisture levels. In this application, with the help of sensors placed in the soil, indicators read out the soil’s moisture level and the program decides whether to irrigate it or not.

IoT Sensor Integration

In a TUMO Labs project with TeamViewer Armenia (TV), students got acquainted with a set of sensors and integrated them into the TV IoT platform using a variety of their APIs.

Shortening the “Path” from IoT Devices to Cloud Servers: A New Project from TUMO Labs & Viciniti

TUMO Labs’ partner in this project, the British company Viciniti (which has a branch in Armenia), provides infrastructure software for industrial organizations. Through their software, users gain access to simple, secure and reliable methods that allow them to deploy and manage applications and devices (gateway, sensors, servers) locally on-premises – or, in industry speak, at the edge of the network – rather than from a traditional cloud/data center typically located much farther away.