Shortcut to the Tech World

Shortcut to the Tech World

When we launched TUMO Labs in 2020, our goal was to connect like-minded partners with prospective students and bridge education with industry. Since then, we’ve worked with 17 companies and 3 universities to implement 22 projects that served 600 students.

We’re highlighting two of our first students: data scientist Sona Gabrielyan and programmer Arthur Sahakyan. In just a short amount of time, they’ve made huge strides in their professional development.

Machine learning and project-based learning brought Sona to TUMO Labs. “Since there weren’t many opportunities at my university for hands-on learning, I decided to try other options. That’s how I found the TUMO Labs and HIC Digital Healthcare Management project,” Sona reflects.

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Arthur Sahakyan graduated with a degree in International Relations, but he decided to get into programming after exploring the field at TUMO. Now, he’s majoring in Computer Science at the American University of Armenia and also participating in the TUMO Labs and Osensus Automated Rigging and Animation project. “When I was working with Alfred Waizenauer, the creator of the 3D Fascination scanner, I gained so many valuable skills. It was difficult at first because I was the only amateur coder on my team, but I worked really hard to catch up,” says Arthur.

Sona has also joined the second Osensus project. According to Arthur, the second Osensus project built on the knowledge gained in the first one. After months of research, experiments, failed attempts (and more experiments), students developed a program that automates character animations.

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The TUMO Labs journey is still unfolding for the duo. Arthur is in the process of trying his hand at some of our other projects and concepting ideas for a new startup. Sona is enrolled in the TUMO Labs and Krisp Text Summary project, which she considers a turning point in her career.

“During the Krisp project, I was applying to lots of positions at different tech companies. The TUMO Labs project-based learning helped me kickstart my career at FAST as a machine learning research engineer.”

At TUMO Labs, there are dozens of students full of interesting experiences. Soon, we’ll share their stories and hundreds more from our future students.

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