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Pave the way for youth

TUMO Labs provides opportunities for companies and research institutions to connect with young talent. Whether through short-term projects or long-term collaborations, TUMO Labs connects companies with dynamic teams of university students and young professionals to support special projects with local and international experts.

TUMO Labs offers three types of collaborations to companies and research centers:

1) Corporate Project

A company proposes a project with its own objectives and requirements. However, the topic and implementation goals should make way for conducting research after the project is completed. The topics and goals should be market-relevant and support the development of Armenia’s tech sector.

2) Co-funded Research Collaboration

Projects in this category can involve multiple actors like universities, think tanks, and private companies which offer various opportunities to network and share information. These projects may be fully or partially funded by TUMO Labs, private companies, NGOs, or government entities like the European Union. Co-funded research collaborations are required to produce results like a publication or thesis. Ownership of IPR depends on the funding organization(s).

3) Personnel for Research and Teaching

Individual professionals or companies can volunteer to be part of a team that works with a project manager to provide instruction or conduct research. The team may include distinguished professionals, postdocs or doctoral students, and company staff. Apply to become a partner by completing our project collaboration form. For more information about partnerships, email eutumocc@tumo.org with “TUMO Labs Collaboration” in the subject line.