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Upgrading the VXSoft Mulberry 2.0 Software with Students at TUMO Labs

Back in 2021, TUMO Labs joined forces with VXSoft to bring a number of hands-on projects to students interested in exploring data analysis and machine learning. Let’s hear from VXSoft’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Ruben Manukyan and take a closer look at the projects that have revamped the VXSoft Mulberry 2.0 software!

42er Volodya Ismailyan’s Big Jump from Finance to Tech

Finance or programming? 26-year-old Volodya Ismailyan decided to choose the latter after years of working and studying in the former. Volodya took his first step toward changing his profession when he heard about 42 Yerevan in 2020. A couple of years passed, and now he has already started his first job as a software engineer.

Luiza Learns, Luiza Innovates

From TUMO to 42 Yerevan and the final stage of the TUMO Labs Incubation Program. Luiza Karapetyan has been with us for 8 years and will soon be one of the first graduates of 42. A student of TUMO since 2015, and of 42 Yerevan since 2020, Luiza will soon become one of the first graduates of the school.

TUMO Labs and SAP: Researching and Analyzing Data

The German SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies, helping all kinds of industries run at their best. Here’s a fact you might want to know: 77% of transactions in the world are connected to SAP technologies.

From TUMO Labs to VXSoft: Sasun’s Ten-Year Journey

22-year-old Sasun’s long journey through the TUMO chain is quite special: from TUMO to TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan, and now, he juggles education with his work in tech. Let’s go through all the phases one by one.