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Sona Muradyan: Realizing Dreams with Code at 42 Yerevan with AEF

Meet Sona Muradyan, a spirited student from Hrazdan, whose journey into the world of coding is as eclectic as the various fields she explores. In this spotlight, we delve into Sona’s experience at 42 Yerevan and the pivotal role played by the Armenian Education Foundation (AEF) in shaping her educational path.

Upgrading the VXSoft Mulberry 2.0 Software with Students at TUMO Labs

Back in 2021, TUMO Labs joined forces with VXSoft to bring a number of hands-on projects to students interested in exploring data analysis and machine learning. Let’s hear from VXSoft’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Ruben Manukyan and take a closer look at the projects that have revamped the VXSoft Mulberry 2.0 software!