Upcoming Projects

With tech companies and universities

During the projects, participants will create a Human Digital Twin for each individual user, modeling both personal and business context by capturing and processing a plethora of contextual information about the user in a data privacy preserving manner, and enabling the entire SAP eco-system to create user-centric experiences via a cloud platform service.
Businesses have suffered the most due to events in recent years. Their current state: unstable. Their future: unpredictable. Solutions to the various challenges must be evidence-based instead of being developed with various tools and personal judgment. Plans must be optimized using modern technologies and predictable scenarios.
When “self-service” places responsibility on users to accomplish their tasks, this handover of agency comes with a burden. Users must adjust to systems, instead of systems adjusting to what users need. Even documentation or support still leaves the user primarily on their own to figure things out. Self-service experiences tend to be “one-size fits-all” with minimal or no consideration of the underlying multi-level needs, goals, and feelings of the user.

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