Guided Self-Learning

Learn without prerequisites

The TUMO Labs guided self-learning provides market-relevant projects to young professionals and students. With help from industry experts, we bring together the best educational resources with self-learning activities and mini-projects.

We currently offer Python, machine learning, and JavaScript on our guided self-learning platform.
Students can start learning with no prior knowledge or supplement their existing skills.

At the end of each self-learning activity, participants implement mini-projects that help them understand how well they’ve mastered each activity. The final projects are reviewed by participants of the self-learning program and sent to senior programming experts from the TUMO Labs team. The duration of the mini-projects is individual for each student.

After successfully completing the mini-projects, students have the opportunity to participate in the TUMO Labs hands-on projects with tech companies and universities.

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the TUMO Labs tuition-free self-learning program.

Duration: 6 – 12 months
Language: English
Conditions: Participants create their own schedules. To get the most out of the program, it’s necessary to devote 6 to 8 hours weekly.
TUMO Labs is located at Halabyan 2a and is open 24/7.

Once you have applied, you’ll have to participate in a check-in week in February or June to become a TUMO Labs student.