Frequently Asked Questions

Important to know

EU TUMO Convergence Center

The EU TUMO Convergence Center will be a hub for research, education, and startups geared towards university students and young professionals. The center will bring together partners, both local and international, to bridge the gap between higher education and industry in Armenia.

The center will be a 25,000-square-meter building in Yerevan, next to TUMO. The facility will harbor  educational infrastructures, a STEM research laboratory, as well as office and retail spaces.

The center is being implemented by the MVRDV studio of Dutch architect Winnie Maas. The project is currently in the planning stage.


Yes. All of the programs offered at TUMO Labs are free-of-charge.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply. The only prerequisite to study at TUMO Labs is for participants to be 18+.

Anyone 18+ can apply to TUMO Labs. There are no prerequisites to the guided self-learning program. To participate in the project-based learning, you must have the required skills listed in each respective project description.


The TUMO Labs program consists of two parts: guided self-learning and project-based learning. During self-learning, students learn the languages required in project-based learning with local and international IT companies.

Self-learning participants learn Python, machine learning, and JavaScript. You can choose the level and program that best fits your knowledge base.

The self-learning program is in English. To participate, you must have an intermediate level of English.

Yes, if you have the skills required for the project, you can apply.

As long as your schedule allows it, you can participate in as many projects as you’d like.

TUMO Labs is open 24/7. Participants of the self-learning program create their own schedules. However, students in project-based learning have a fixed schedule.

You need to dedicate at least 6 to 8 hours a week to the TUMO Labs program.

You must attend the check-in to begin studying at TUMO Labs. If you missed it, you’ll be placed on the waiting list.