From TUMO Labs to VXSoft: Sasun’s Ten-Year Journey

From TUMO Labs to VXSoft: Sasun’s Ten-Year Journey

22-year-old Sasun’s long journey through the TUMO chain is quite special: from TUMO to TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan, and now, he juggles education with his work in tech. Let’s go through all the phases one by one.

Sasun’s journey at TUMO started in 2012 right after he turned 12 and continued on until 2019. Last year, he graduated from the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, where he majored in applied mathematics. He stumbled across the newly-opened TUMO Labs while looking for advanced programming courses. “The idea of self-learning was really appealing to me. When I started at TUMO Labs, I used to study everyday for eight hours straight and that’s what got me to the projects,” says Sasun.

Last year, TUMO Labs introduced projects with VXSoft, a company that works on electronic management systems and automation. After one of these projects, Sasun was invited to an internship at the company. “The project was on the User Behavior Analysis of VXSoft’s Mulberry 2.0 product.” VXSoft provided relevant data, and eventually, we got the final result.  Before the project was finished, I was invited to an internship. Two and a half months later, I got a job as a junior software engineer.”

Sasun is still working on the TUMO Labs and VXSoft project and he’s extremely fond of the work environment at VXSoft. “Everyone in the team helps with every question, and any difficulty or uncertainty is solved by mutual effort.”

Sasun continues his studies at TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan, where he prioritizes self-learning. He insists that constant learning is a must in the programming scene. Both schools have provided him the opportunity to gain efficient learning skills that came in handy during work when he had to face new and unfamiliar tasks.

TUMO stays in his future plans: Sasun is waiting for a startup program to take part in with his team.

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