The revolving time machine of TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan

Համավարակի հակառակ կողմում` կրթություն Թումո լաբերում

TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan are destined to find their new home in the future building of the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science, designed by internationally renowned architecture firm MVRDV. In the meantime, they have been working productively on the 4th floor of the TUMO building.  But these two programs just can’t sit still – TUMO Labs and 42 are already expanding into new territories.

Their next stop is this enigmatic Soviet-era building, which is currently undergoing active reconstruction.  It turns out it was destined to become a tech hub even back when it was built over 60 years ago.

The building went up in the 1960s in Yerevan’s Tumanyan Park and was owned by Sirius, Soviet Armenia’s largest electronics production factory. The Children’s Technical Creativity House, as it was called, was located in the building and focused on educating teenagers and young adults in the field of electronics and technology. Its aim was to launch their careers as leading experts in academia and production.

Run by Hero of the Soviet Union Shavarsh Karapetyan, the center received 35 computers in 1985 from renowned academic Abel Aghanbekyan. Over 30 years later, this building has returned to its original function: a center for technology education.

Hidden in the lush green landscape of Tumanyan Park, the center will consist of three floors full of sunlight, open spaces and, of course, technology projects.

As of January 2022, over 350 TUMO Labs and 42 Yerevan students will be able to ride in this time machine, traveling through the past to craft their future careers.