TUMO Labs as an Antidote to the Pandemic

TUMO Labs as an Antidote to the Pandemic

During the early days of the pandemic, we were all trying to adapt to working from home and getting used to the new normal. But the most adaptive ones were able to take advantage of the positive aspects of quarantine. Haykanush Karapetyan, who wanted to delve into the field of programming to make better use of her free time, applied to TUMO Labs to participate in the British-Armenian Viciniti IoT cloud security project ․ “Since I started working remotely and had a lot of free time, I decided to take this opportunity to deepen my knowledge of IoT and learn the GoLang programming language,” says Haykanush.

The project participants created an application that approves, validates, and allows secure and complete access of IoT devices to Amazon servers using the MQTT protocol. Haykanush mainly backed up here; that is, she wrote the code that made the device function.

During our first meeting, she related her desire to work for VMware, a world-leading company that provides platform virtualization software. A few months later, we met with Haykanush and found out she had realized her dream․ “I received a job offer through LinkedIn. It was very unexpected, and after a few interviews, I was hired! Now, I am a junior software engineer here. I’m still new and I have a lot to learn, but they trusted and believed in me,” Haykanush recounts with a twinkle in her eye.

The new job is a new test for her. Although she has dealt with embedded systems before, she is working in a completely different part of the field in her current position. She uses other programming languages like Python, Bash and JavaScript. Since being hired, Haykanush hasn’t even been to VMware’s office as the team works remotely. Her main workplace is now Tumanyan Park.