Luiza Learns, Luiza Innovates

Luiza Learns, Luiza Innovates

From TUMO to 42 Yerevan and the final stage of the TUMO Labs Incubation Program. Luiza Karapetyan has been with us for 8 years and will soon be one of the first graduates of 42. A student of TUMO since 2015, and of 42 Yerevan since 2020, Luiza will soon become one of the first graduates of the school. Twenty-year-old Luiza promises to bring innovation to the medical industry with the help of the TUMO Labs Incubation Program.

Luiza attained deep technical knowledge from 42 Yerevan, but, as she says, the most important thing that she learned in the school is the ability to problem-solve. Having passed through all the stages of the 42 program, Luiza now realizes that there are no problems that are impossible to solve. This helps her both in her profession and in her day-to-day life.

Luiza has united her friends from 42 and is participating in the TUMO Labs Incubation Program with her soon-to-be startup in HealthTech. They are one of six finalist teams. Luiza describes that “the idea is to use AI to optimize the process of recording X-ray and other scan results in hospitals. We’ve gone to hospitals, spoken with doctors, and seen that radiologists spend fifteen minutes to an hour recording results by hand. With artificial intelligence, this process can take less than a minute and save doctors’ valuable time.”

Everyday the team is realizing their next goal of becoming one of the three winners of the incubation program. This will give Luiza and her team the initial investment to establish their startup and start taking practical steps.

42 Yerevan’s main program presents new challenges in various fields and levels of difficulty for graduates as well. That is why Luiza is in no rush to finish her education here; she intends to continue her path at 42 and deepen her professional knowledge in artificial intelligence.