Sona Muradyan: Realizing Dreams with Code at 42 Yerevan with AEF

Sona Muradyan: Realizing Dreams with Code at 42 Yerevan with AEF

Meet Sona Muradyan, a spirited student from Hrazdan, whose journey into the world of coding is as eclectic as the various fields she explores. In this spotlight, we delve into Sona’s experience at 42 Yerevan and the pivotal role played by the Armenian Education Foundation (AEF) in shaping her educational path.

Unveiling the Path:

Sona’s road to programming was, in her words, “messy,” or all over the place, much like the diverse facets of her life. Uncertain of her future direction, she decided to venture into programming at 42 Yerevan to explore its potential for herself. “I’m trying programming to see if it’s something I want to do and am good at, if it’s my future profession or not,” she reflects.

Discovering 42:

The serendipitous discovery of 42 Yerevan came through an ad that not only beckoned her toward programming but also highlighted the opportunity for financial support. Without this aid, Sona acknowledges she wouldn’t have been able to embark on this journey due to her demanding schedule. “If it weren’t for the dorms sponsored by AEF and the ability to stay in Yerevan, I would have had to go home, which wouldn’t leave enough time to devote to 42,” she shares.

A Leap of Faith:

Keeping her application a secret from her family until the last moment, Sona waited until she secured her place at 42 Yerevan to share the news. The decision to concurrently pursue marketing studies at university while diving into programming at 42 Yerevan was a leap of faith driven by her passion for game development. Sona envisions harmonizing marketing and game development in her future endeavors.

The 42 Yerevan Experience:

Initially skeptical about 42, Sona’s doubts dissipated upon experiencing the unique learning environment. The peer-to-peer approach and the joy she found in learning convinced her that 42 was the right fit. Despite a temporary disinterest in programming during her university studies, she decided to give it another chance and hasn’t looked back since.

Gratitude for AEF Support:

Sona expresses profound gratitude for the financial aid and housing provided by AEF, emphasizing that “if it weren’t for AEF’s help, I wouldn’t be at 42,” she says with a touch of melancholy, reflecting on the friendships she’s forged and the knowledge gained.

Looking Ahead:

With a love for programming that’s only growing, Sona is confident about her future in the field. Her unique blend of marketing and coding skills positions her for a promising career fueled by the invaluable experiences gained at 42 Yerevan.

42 Yerevan and AEF’s joining of forces empowers students to pursue their dreams in the realm of coding, and Sona’s journey is just one example where this is reflected. As Sona continues to navigate her path, she stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that open up when passion meets opportunity.