Your plants are in safe hands — the farmers of the future have created an automatic soil irrigation system!

Your plants are in safe hands — the farmers of the future have created an automatic soil irrigation system!

Students participating in the joint project between TUMO Labs and the National Agrarian University of Armenia have created an automatic plant irrigation system.

During the pilot project, students in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering created an IoT device, programmed it in Arduino using the C and C ++ languages, and then developed a web application to remotely control soil moisture levels. In this application, with the help of sensors placed in the soil, indicators read out the soil’s moisture level and the program decides whether to irrigate it or not. “This system now works within the local network, but we are trying to improve it and facilitate the process so that we can control it from anywhere in the world,” says project participant Samvel.

On the day the students’ work was officially unveiled, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between TUMO Labs and the Armenian National Agrarian University, which will provide future opportunities for future farmers interested in new technologies.

TUMO Labs is the educational section of the EU TUMO Convergence Center, which connects higher education with industry. TUMO Labs projects are free to participants and designed for students and young professionals over the age of 18. The program provides them an opportunity to supplement their university education with practical skills by conducting practical projects with market representatives.

Over the year it has operated, TUMO Labs has cooperated with international and local tech companies, as well as universities. 3D programming, automation and digitization projects in the fields of agriculture and healthcare have been held at TUMO Labs, many of which improved on existing technology and were implemented in the relevant field. The TUMO Labs curriculum will soon be complemented by a self-learning component that will provide students with basic knowledge in engineering, artificial intelligence, programming and other budding fields of technology.