Vladimir Khlghatyan’s Journey of Courage and Transformation at 42 Yerevan

Vladimir Khlghatyan’s Journey of Courage and Transformation at 42 Yerevan

In the tranquil village of Tsakkar, nestled along the southern shores of Lake Sevan, Vladimir Khlghatyan’s journey began, tracing a path that would lead him through economics, banking, and finally, into the dynamic world of programming. His career evolution, however, required a strong spirit to follow his dreams, even when the timing seemed unconventional.

Born with a natural affinity for mathematics and physics, Vladimir’s academic skills consistently shined in the direction of the sciences, hinting at a future in computer sciences. Yet, in the early 2000s, Armenia’s tech landscape was in its earlier stages, its potential not nearly as certain as it came to be a decade later. So, Vladimir took a more reliable path in economics, eventually holding the position of Head of Business Planning and Development at VTB Bank.

However, the spark of his passion for programming never died down. It flickered quietly, urging him to look its way. It took a lot of courage and a big leap of faith to make the decision and enroll in the rigorous program at 42 Yerevan. Despite holding a secure job, Vladimir decided to pursue his dream. With 42 Yerevan being such a beacon of innovation in Armenia’s educational and tech landscape he was excited to join the ranks of aspiring programmers in our select “Piscine” in pursuit of his dream.

Vladimir retells how the journey was not easy, but the rewards are many (even though they’re still hard to measure as they’re still unfolding). At 42 Yerevan, Vladimir discovered a curriculum and a community—a community driven by collaborative learning and unwavering support. The peer-to-peer teaching model not only deepened his understanding but also fostered bonds that reinforced his motivation.

As Vladimir reflected on his time at 42 Yerevan, his eyes truly gleamed with reverence for the faculty—the mentors who imparted knowledge and instilled belief. Their care, career coaching, and professionalism propelled him forward, infusing each challenge with the promise of growth.

Vladimir’s journey did not end with the final big project of the 42 network common core — transcendence — it merely marked a new beginning. Recognizing the need to dedicate himself fully to his craft, he took yet another bold step and bid farewell to his stable job; Vladimir committed full-time to 42 and his quest for excellence in computer engineering.

A little over a year into the main curriculum, Vladimir started the search for a job in the field and found himself at the threshold of Microchip Technology Incorporated, a global leader in semiconductor solutions. Here, amidst cutting-edge technology and boundless opportunities, Vladimir has found his place as an FPGA development software engineer.

Today, Vladimir’s aspirations are simple—to become an excellent software engineer and to enrich Armenia’s flourishing tech ecosystem. His journey is filled with courage and resolve, proving that others, too, can dare defy convention to realize their dreams.

In Vladimir’s story, 42 Yerevan is not just an institution but a catalyst for transformation—a place where passion meets purpose. It calls on all who dare to dream, offering an education as well as a journey.

Be like Vladimir, start your life’s next journey one courageous step at a time, starting with this one: https://apply.42yerevan.am/